Ipoh street art (Perek)

Ipoh has some amazing street art. You can find it all by following the city’s street art guide. Here are some of my favourite pieces:
 photo IMG_5086_zpso5cck7hg.jpg
I love the playfulness of this painting and the way children view the world as being full of possibilities, such as flying in a paper plane.
 photo IMG_5095_zpsz4p7z0sz.jpg
I like the historical story this painting tells and that, in it, women are not relegated to the role of wife.
 photo IMG_5096_zpsxiztvdbd.jpg
I like this painting because the hummingbird seems to be fluttering in place.
 photo IMG_5111_zpsfrapckkf.jpg
This painting is so lifelike, especially because the artist has incorporated an actual trishaw that is partially sticking out of the wall.
 photo IMG_5105_zpsowoepsc2.jpg
I asked Paul to help the little girl reach the bird cage.
 photo IMG_5108_zpslbq4nh2o.jpg
Not a painting but how cool is this!
 photo IMG_5306_zpsb28gutj8.jpg
Yes, a painting of a tourist taking a photo of a painting. It at once pokes fun and encourages the tourist to take as many photos of the paintings as they can.
 photo IMG_5304_zpsnydbruac.jpg
Of course not all art needs to be serious or meaningful.
 photo IMG_5293_zpspimpdh2w.jpg
But by far my favourite series are these paintings of children playing. This one speaks of friendship between boys while the little sister just wants to join in.
 photo IMG_5292_zpsuyrphyqu.jpg
And no depiction of childhood would be complete without some story about children playing jump rope.
 photo IMG_5290_zpsbvd0wyp4.jpg

 photo IMG_5291_zpsx3x2j7ai.jpg

 photo IMG_5297_zpso9zhfsjh.jpg
And then there’s this three-piece work spread over three walls in a lane. The children hiding are on the main street while the boy counting to ten is inside the laneway. It’s probably the most creative and well thought-out street art work I’ve ever seen. I just love it.

If you like street art, you will love Ipoh’s contribution to this creative outlet.

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