Packed for the next leg of my quest to find 42

It feels like forever since I was away traveling but in reality it’s only been a month since I returned from Sydney. It’s only three more sleeps until I leave for Malaysia and Japan, and I am ready to hit the road again. My body is rested after enduring some sort of digestive bug for four months (I picked something up early in my trip to Indonesia but didn’t realise how bad it was until a few weeks ago). Some strong antibiotics seem to have done the job and my belly has deflated from the balloon-like state it was in (yay, most of my clothes fit me again). I gave settling down a good try but discovered I still need to be out exploring the world and having adventures so that’s exactly what I am doing.

On Tuesday I will fly to Malaysia and my partner will join me on Wednesday (we couldn’t get on the same flight). Together we will drive to Ipoh to stay on a mushroom farm that we will use as a base for exploring the tea plantations, caves, mosques and temples of the Cameron Highlands. From there we will return the car to KLIA2 and then get a bus down to Melaka where we want to see the Melaka Strait Mosque, which looks amazing on Google Images. After a few days in Melaka we have booked a cheap hotel in Kuala Lumpur for our final few days together before I head off to cycle tour Japan.

I haven’t cycled much since I left South Korea five months ago and the only riding I’ve done since Christmas was to drop my bicycle off at the LBS for a service this week. On the 2.5km (1.5 mile) ride home I noticed that the bike felt like new and what an amazing job the guys at Redcliffe Cycles did for me.

All I know about Japan is that I will arrive in Osaka on 13 April and depart five weeks later from Tokyo. I understand there might still be some snow in the alps on Honshu so that is likely to be the direction I will ride. There might be cherry blossoms but I expect I will be too late to catch them as far south as Osaka and Tokyo. Oh, and I have learned that I will be in Japan for the manic holiday festival of Golden Week, so that might make things interesting later in my trip. Good thing I have a tent and am not afraid to wild camp.

So now I am packed and ready to roll. There’s just enough time for me to head out for walk along the beach here on the Peninsula now that the rain has stopped. I best make the most of it because it will be seven weeks before I can walk along these beaches that have become my home.


3 thoughts on “Packed for the next leg of my quest to find 42

  1. Ah! You got a bug too. Rest is always good when you’re traveling life. I’m so curious to Japan. Malaysia got one of the beat food I think. But Japan most probably too!!
    Now I’m home I will try to read more about your experiences. Be well, happy and healthy Andrew.


    • I thought from your Facebook that you were home but wasn’t sure because in your blog you’re still in America. Yes, I got a bug alright. My tummy blew up like a balloon. I thought I got fat from not enough exercise and too much food (I loved the food in Indonesia because I am an Indo) but it was more of a bug. I thought of you and your bug from India when I went to the doctor. I feel much better now so am ready to ride again.

      Yes, Malaysia will have awesome food because it’s similar to Indonesian food

      • Andrew, as you must know, writing and going through the hundreds of photo’s (of living a life cycling) takes work. So, as always, I am far behind in my stories. Right now, I am at home indeed. The writing is done and I post them slowly one after another.

        Good you got the bug under control. A bloated belly is so uncomfortable! Aside from all the ‘side effects’.

        p.s. When you and your partner visit the Netherlands, let me know, maybe I (we) are still here! It would be great to meet!

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