Thank you Air Asia – I’m going to Cambodia

I saw a Facebook post by Air Asia advertising free seats on flights. I was sceptical about the deal but still I decided to click the link and see what I found. A few clicks later and I have booked a return trip to Cambodia. On 9 November I will fly from Kuala Lumpur to Phnom Penh and then on 30 November I will fly from Siem Riep back to Kuala Lumpur. All I had to pay were the airport taxes of about $AU45. I still need to book a return flight to Kuala Lumpur but those come on sale frequently enough (actually, they come on sale at in 3.5 hours time) but even if I have to pay a full return fare to Kuala Lumpur from Australia I will save about $200 on the total airfares compared to the best prices I have seen. And now I am definitely going to Cambodia in November.

So much for me settling down. I mean, I am also looking at some flights to Europe to walk the Camino sometime between May and July (I am just waiting for my mum to get back to me about whether she wants to join me), and to cycle France in September-October. And then there’s the fat bike trip to Swedish Lapland in January or February.


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