Daisy Hill MTB ride (Brisbane, Australia)

 photo 2E56D5D3-514E-480B-956C-544B63716A64_zpsnx0qxsyp.jpg
Birds twitter in the trees as we prepare ourselves to ride the trails at Daisy Hill. My friends from MOJO Adventure Racing have come down from Toowoomba for a mountain bike training day. The sound of the birds is replaced by the sound of our voices as we greet each other (I haven’t seen my friends since June 2014).
 photo 01FD96D2-510E-4D10-9EB9-360890FA0D5B_zpsamhriiu1.jpg
I don’t currently own a mountain bike (I will pick up my fat bike in May on my return from Japan) so the MOJOs loaned me a bike for the day. And what a bike! This is the finest MTB I’ve ever ridden. I finally understand why people spend thousands on a full suspension carbon bike. It was so lightweight I could ride up hills that were previously too steep for me. And the rear suspension really does flatten out the lumps and bumps that arise on the trails.
 photo D6B94CCB-0FF7-41B2-9D37-C39975C4D25D_zpsvladotgk.jpg
I was a little nervous as we set off along the gravel trails. I haven’t been doing much cycling since Korea and that was all on the road on a loaded touring bike. But we took things easy and the MOJOs rode together at a relaxed pace.
 photo 1CD935E0-9F13-4741-94CC-E13CC6893698_zps8fwzt17q.jpg
We cruised along trails like Tunnel of Love, Gillians, Grass Trees and Turning Japanesy. It felt good to be in the bush rolling along with trees brushing past my handlebars.
 photo BF6F6A71-37B1-426A-B887-3DCA1D76081E_zpsv1ktl4a5.jpg
It was a really fun way to spend the morning. I am still no mountain biking expert but I do enjoy the sport when I get out. Thanks to Team MOJO for making it possible for me to come along.


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