Wildhorse Mountain Lookout (Sunshine Coast)

 photo C4EE009A-DD5D-40C8-9C71-F70FE6B442D5_zpscmcad0is.jpg
One of the many great things about my partner is that he rarely says “no” when I suggest we share an adventure. Oh sure, he’s not likely to come camping anywhere that doesn’t have showers nor is he likely to load up a touring bicycle anytime soon. But when it comes to day hikes or paddles, he is always quick to say “yes, let’s do it”. So when I suggested stopping at Wildhorse Mountain Lookout I knew he would pull the car over so we could walk to the top. And that’s exactly what he did on the way home from Mary Cairncross Park yesterday afternoon.

Most people who drive between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast would be familiar with the Wildhorse Mountain Lookout. The fire tower at the top is visible for many kilometers as you drive up or down the Bruce Highway and the entrance to the park is adjacent to the exit for the twin petrol stations that used to be Moby Vic’s but are now marked by competing McDonalds and Hungry Jacks signs.
 photo 8C12C739-7783-4D1D-934C-ABF93CFE222C_zpsljoz1vpm.jpg
The signs warning that the walk is steep certainly weren’t wrong! There is a concrete path all the way to the top of the mountain. It provides access to emergency services and telecommunications company vehicles. For 700m (half a mile) we walked continuously uphill. Most of the path was steep. The rest was even steeper. And it just went up and up and up, only giving us a chance to rest when we actually reached the summit.
 photo 33FD5D3A-A661-4DC1-A8EE-1FD9573D14C8_zpskwmavxkq.jpg
I wonder whether this water tank is laughing at everyone who makes the steep climb. It seems to be saying “hahaha … you crazy person wanting to walk up there”.
 photo B5F95592-0BEB-483D-91DD-EE63DFA70FB1_zpspwadd15r.jpg
But oh my goodness! Do we who walk up have the last laugh. This is probably the single most beautiful view of the Glasshouse Mountains of all the lookouts on the Sunshine Coast. I’ve been to almost all the lookouts and have admired the Glasshouse Mountains from many vantage points throughout my life. But this west-facing view in the afternoon really brought out their beauty more than I thought possible. Each of the mountains’ shapes was clearly visible and I felt so grateful to live in such a magnificent part of the world.

On the much easier walk down from the lookout to the car we agreed that we would make Wildhorse Mountain a regular fitness test for ourselves; particularly as we want to include some volcano trekking on our August trip to Java, Indonesia. Hopefully the walk up the mountain will become easier as time goes on. One thing I know for sure is that the view will always be worth the short sharp steep hike.


6 thoughts on “Wildhorse Mountain Lookout (Sunshine Coast)

  1. Well done, both of you! A steep walk, though hard at the time, is always very rewarding. I can think of Mt William (Vic), Wilsons Prom lightstation (Vic), The Nut at Stanley (Tas) and my Aunt’s driveway (Qld) that are probably similarly steep, concreted paths to a great view – though I don’t expect too many people know about my aunt’s driveway (and fortunately it’s no where near 700m long!).
    Whenever I see the Glasshouse Mountains I always wonder how they would have appeared as volcanoes way-back-when. The cores are impressive now – the thought of what they were is mind-blowing!
    : )

    • I’ve never actually thought about the volcanoes that were there before. But that’s probably because I don’t have a very good imagination – I always struggled with any kind of history classes, whether natural or human history. LOL about your aunt’s driveway.

    • Oh yes, definitely go for a walk up there. There are also fire trails around the forest there so if the 1.4km walk isn’t worth the effort, grab a map and check them out too (I think they are public access – can’t see why not).

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