Planning for Malaysia

Malaysia map

It’s just 18 days until I leave for Malaysia and, until now, I’ve been struggling to get excited about it because I had no idea what to expect there. We will be traveling to the country in its wet season so jungle trekking and beaches are probably not going to be the most suitable idea. But then I did a Google search for “most beautiful mosques in Malaysia”  and was totally blown away by the images that appeared on my computer screen. Suddenly an itinerary appeared before me.

On the back of our Temple Tour of Thailand I think it will be really cool to do a Mosque Meander of Malaysia. I’m not a Muslim so this is not about religion; it’s about architecture in the same way our Temple Tour of Thailand was about art. We

Now, anything can happen between now and our arrival in Malaysia but I am going to research this route tonight to establish an itinerary and book car hire so that we have our own transport. We might not end up at each of the mosques on this list but it’s a good starting point to help us explore Peninsular Malaysia.


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