Eat Street Markets (Brisbane)

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I’ve heard a lot about the Eat Street Markets over the past year but hadn’t had a chance to go there. So I was excited when my partner took me there on Friday night. The markets are held here in Brisbane ever Friday and Saturday night. Restaurants and stalls are set up in shipping containers and thousands of people turn up to eat. This is not a cheap hot dog and fries type of affair. The food represents some of the best international street food available in Brisbane. Some is familiar, like nachos or fish & chips while other options are more creative like steamed Asian-inspired sliders and cruffins (croissant cross with a muffin).

After walking around we decided on Mexican street food as our dinner. We shared nachos and tacos. The flavours were fresh and clean while the portion sizes were just right. The stall decorations were inviting and interesting, with a skeleton lady, and free self-serve salsa. Service was quick and efficient (unlike another stall where we initially lined up to buy our meal but left due to the long wait).

For our first desert we bought a Tim Tam flavoured cronut. The Eat Street Markets had been posting photos of the cronuts on their Facebook page all week so it was impossible to pass these up. And wow! They were amazing! I love chocolate croissants and chocolate donuts so a combination of the two was divine. I can’t even explain the way it tasted other than to say it was a like a donut made out of croissant pastry.

We had to walk past the Byron Bay Gelati shop on the way in and out of the markets. The temptation was too great so we ended up with a second desert. I love gelato so enjoyed the treat.

And, finally, we bought some herbal teas. They are sold in 500ml and 1L cups. We went with the 500ml cups because 1L seemed a bit obscene. I can’t remember which flavours we bought but it was fantastic to drink freshly brewed herbal iced tea. Lots of people were walking around carrying these drinks and it was good to see this instead of lots of people drinking soft drinks (sodas).

The Eat Street Markets are a great example of the way Australians have embraced quality, fresh and creative foods.


4 thoughts on “Eat Street Markets (Brisbane)

    • The markets are near Portside. The crowd is mixed ages. It’s not a discount market but a quality night out. It’s well organised with free parking and good signage. Entry is $2 but don’t let that put you off. The food is on the gourmet side and only one or two of each type. Most of the stall holders seem to be affiliated with small restaurants and using it as a way to get their brand out.

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