2014: A year of change

Happy New Year to everyone reading my blog. I hope 2015 brings good fortune and happiness. How did 2014 turn out for you? Did you achieve your goals? Were you happy? Was it a success?

My 2014 was a year of change. There is no way that I could have imagined my life would change so much in the space of twelve short months.

A year ago I was working full time in a stressful job, living in a big house, paying a huge mortgage, wishing I was free to travel the world and planning my life around sporting events that represented an escape from the mundane reality of my every day. It wasn’t a bad life. I was lucky in many ways: I was in a stable long term relationship, I earned a lot of money, I had nice toys and I was on track for a comfortable retirement if I kept going like that.

Today my life is so far removed New Years Day 2014 that I sometimes wonder whether I am dreaming. The house has been sold. My debts are all paid. I work part time in a job I mostly enjoy. I earn one third of my former salary but have a better work-life balance. The old relationship ended, I came out as being a gay man and a few months later I met a wonderful man with whom things are serious.

All these big changes have altered the way I live. This year I have volunteered in a school in Kenya, camped for six weeks on a tropical sand island, cycle toured South Australia and Victoria, spent a week skiing the Australian Alps, cycle toured in Korea and motorcycle toured in Indonesia. I have moved in with my boyfriend and we live in a cheap flat across the road from the beach when I am
home. Our life together is simple. We both have part time jobs and enjoy simple pleasures like walking along the waterfront and sharing good food.

These changes haven’t come without cost or upheaval. But as 2015 dawns I am ready to put those behind me to look forwards toward the possibilities I have created.

Today I make no goals or resolutions. I feel content with my life. I don’t need to enter races or take on crazy physical challenges to feel alive between a forty hour work week chained to a desk. Instead, I want to enjoy beautiful places, delicious food and happy company. My boyfriend and I have booked flights to Thailand in January, Malaysia in April and Indonesia in August. I will also be hiking in Sydney in February and cycle touring in Japan in March and May (my man doesn’t cycle tour … yet). All going well I will do a six week cycle tour here in Australia this winter, spend a month in New Zealand in October to hike some mountains and end the year again surrounded by me and my man’s family and friends.

Between it all, I hope my new relationship continues to blossom, friendships continue to grow and that I make many more happy memories with my family. It’s a simple New Year wish … To continue seeing where this new path in life takes me. A path I couldn’t even conceive possible just twelve short month ago.


13 thoughts on “2014: A year of change

  1. Well done for having the bravery to change things so dramatically – it sounds like the risk has paid off and you’re receiving the rewards. Best wishes for 2015… keep the photos coming 🙂

  2. Congratulions on coming out. You’ve had some amazing adventures this year. I hope your new relationship continues to blossom and the two of you find eternal happiness. Carol

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