A houseboat weekend on Moreton Bay (Queensland, Australia)

 photo A260E532-459B-44F3-A765-618051D8DC4D_zps5zavqngf.jpg
For the past three days I have been cruisng around Moreton Bay on a houseboat with my family. We loaded the houseboat with good food, eskies filled with party ice, six children under the age of ten and seven adults.
 photo 9984F7D5-5385-4C58-B12E-83CA1863D0C1_zpsnhmrsvhx.jpg
One of the biggest reasons I decided not to stay away traveling long-term and to come home regularly was to spend time with my nephews and nieces. They are young and I don’t want to be the absent uncle who they don’t know. Also, travel is great but if watching Into the Wild and 127 Hours taught me anything it’s that relationships with people are important. And who wouldn’t love spending time with the people in these photos.
 photo 5ECB446D-C4BC-4394-87FB-0CC1EB0500C1_zpsimaagpxn.jpg
We spent our days near The Bedroom on the northern tip of South Stradbroke Island and our nights at Tiger Mullet Channel where we were protected from winds and currents. The kids caught jellyfish to take a closer look (before letting them go again). We (as in others on the boat, not me) caught three small hammerhead sharks, which makes the fact that we went swimming rather scary because where there are small sharks there must be big ones. I went for a short paddle in my packraft and took the kids on short 10 minute trips before the tide changed and made the current too strong. And we generally lazed around relaxing.


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