The final days (Semarang)

 photo IMG_20141212_004214_zpsaueuvyrg.jpg
My final days in Semarang are relatively quiet. I hang out with my family, knock over some work and take advantage of the wifi at the hotel to download some movies from iTunes for the long 24 hour journey home. On my final day we drop first my mother, then my grandmother and aunt off at the airport for their respective flights home. My mother will fly home to Australia while my aunt will accompany my grandmother to Holland. They all have relatively direct flights compared with the 24 hour epic I will endure tomorrow when I first fly north-west to Kuala Lumpur where I must wait nine hours before flying back over Semarang to get to the Gold Coast. But to me the money saved on the airline tickets is worth the long transit and I don’t mind airports and planes; they are good places to relax, work, watch movies and sleep.
 photo IMG_20141211_182124_zpsdwmafzxu.jpg
For my final night I go to the cinema at Semarang’s Paragon shopping mall. My cousin has suggested it and, given that I love the movies, I definitely agree to go along. The cinema is impressive. It is new, modern, has a huge IMAX-style screen and large comfortable chairs. The sound and picture quality are far superior to anything I have seen in Brisbane so I spend almost three hours enthralled in the story of Moses and the Exodus presented in Hollywood style.
 photo IMG_20141212_004047_zpsgcj1dsa7.jpg
One final trip to a kaki lima in Chinatown to buy terang bulan tipis is a fitting way to round out my trip. Not only is it my favourite Indonesian food but we have bought it at my favourite style of food shop: the kaki lima. I stay up late working and researching information about TESOL and CELTA courses. Before I know it, the time has gone past 2:30am and I will only get three hours sleep. But that’s okay … I will have over 24 hours in transit to rest up before I hit Australian soil once more.


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