Eating snake and lizard (Semarang)

I have come down with a case of the man flu so I spend the day in bed. It’s not exactly what I want to do but I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. About two weeks ago I got some heat sores on my hip and buttock that got infected. The glands in my neck swelled up until it hurt to even brush against them when tightening my helmet so I bought some Amoxan and heat rash cream over the counter at a pharmacy. The infections on my skin settled but my immune system was already low so I found myself with the man flu. Besides, it was a lovely excuse to lay in bed and watch a whole season of Orange is the New Black on my laptop.

Sometimes days like this make me feel like a bad traveller. I wonder whether the experienced travelers whose blogs I read have days when they just need to stay in bed and rest or whether they are always out there exploring and pushing themselves. I wonder whether I should even admit it on my blog but I think the more honest I am the less pressure there might be on others to be perfect. I mean, none of us can be perfect or healthy all the time.

The rest does me good and by the time my cousin comes to pick me up for dinner at my uncle’s house I am refreshed and ready to eat yet more food.
 photo IMG_20141201_200403_zpsbip2lpbj.jpg
Amongst the delicous meal there is snake that my cousin bought me to taste. I have to say it is a wonderfully tasty meat that has been prepared to perfection.
 photo IMG_20141201_200634_zpsq6bgirlu.jpg
He has also bought lizard, which is equally delicious.
 photo IMG_20141201_194200_zpsrekqdypk.jpg
Durian fruit on the other hand, even when wrapped in a brightly coloured pancake, is disgusting. I don’t know how I kept the two mouthfuls down but there was no way I could spit it out because the smell was so rank it would have ruined the evening for everyone. My reaction to the durian creates much good natured laughter as the locals tuck in.

11 thoughts on “Eating snake and lizard (Semarang)

  1. Well, I’m glad those infected heat sores healed up. Sounded nasty.

    My dad used to eat goanna sometimes out west. I never tried it though. When cooked nicely and presented well, most people probably wouldn’t know what they are really eating. (Except for the durian fruit!) I remember my aunt mistaking a tripe in white sauce meal for chicken. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ooh goanna would probably taste nice. I agree about people not knowing what they are eating being willing to like those things they think will be gross. But no – durian fruit is definitely an exception.

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