Delays in posting

For those who enjoy reading my blog and wonder why I have not been posting, it is not going to be possible to keep a daily blog going while I am here in Indonesia.

Firstly, my mobile data and hotel wifi (when I have them) are far too slow and the backlog of images I need to upload to photobucket is just getting bigger.

Secondly, it takes me 2-3 hours to write each post. This is a big chunk of my day that I can’t use doing something else. I have to work about 3 hours every day already so add blogging to that and it’s becoming a bit of a struggle (and my work is suffering).

Thirdly, travel here in Indonesia is challenging. The weather is stinking hot. The noise is constant. And I haven’t spoken to a native English speaker in almost two weeks, which is a challenge for me because I do like a good yarn. Sure, I speak with Indonesian people when I can but it’s not the same because we both have to work hard to make ourselves understood. So I need to focus my energies on what will give the best outcomes … and that is on actually being here rather than writing about it.

I want to enjoy this trip for what it is. I want to have the time and energy to take everything in. I blog for me – to share my stories in my own way and time. But right now, my blog feels a bit like an obligation. I need to experience Indonesia. There will be time to post agaiin later. Or maybe there won’t. I just want to disconnect a bit and see where the rest of my month here takes me. And, who knows, maybe even have stories to tell when I get home rather than have everyone say, “I know. I read it on your blog.”

I’m having a good time. I don’t mind a challenge. I like the scenery, enjoy the riding and love the food. This weekend my mother, grandmother and aunt will join me (or should I say, I will join them) here in Indonesia. I am looking forward to my time with them. My grandmother was born in Semarang so it will be really cool to be there with her. And Mum and I are going on a trip together to the Dieng Plateau, which will be awesome.

See you when I see you. I’ll have lots of stories to tell and photos to share when I am ready.


13 thoughts on “Delays in posting

  1. Andrew, I’m amazed you’ve been able to post as often as you do on your travels. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. A weekly, or even monthly, post will take some of the pressure off and give you more time to explore the world and have fun. Even photographic posts, with just photos and short captions, would be great to see. Indonesia sounds–and looks–amazing!

    • Thanks for understanding Angela. I might do that … sporadic blogs with best pics from a series of days.

      Am having some downtime tonight. Watching a TV series in downloaded from iTunes πŸ™‚

      • I know all too well the struggle to communicate in foreign lands and how much you miss the ease of speaking your native tongue. I lived in Switzerland for 7 years and was starving some days to hear and speak English. I would watch–and read–anything in English I could get my hands on. I read every single James Bond book my father-in-law owned, and that is not my type of book of all.

      • Hahaha. I feel so much more normal now. My indulgence is television and movies. I am too lazy to read. πŸ™‚ . I would love to live in Switzerland. It looks amazing.

      • I love television and movies as well. Thank God I get to watch guilt-free when I’m knitting! I suppose I could knit and listen to audiobooks, but, nah. Switzerland is amazingly beautiful, though it was tough to make friends. The Swiss are very reserved and not at all like the outgoing Texans I’m used to. Must be all that snow.

    • Thanks for understanding πŸ™‚ I agree … everyone enjoys it better if posts happen when the writer wants to post. I am still 3 days behind but tonight I was relaxed and had fast wifi so I decided to just write one post rather than catching up.

    • It’s not about the pictures, it’s about feeling an obligation to write. I like to write when I want to. But sometimes I have other things I’d rather be doing. And then I feel this obligation to write posts for others. I don’t like feeling obligations – I rebel against it. It is only when I don’t HAVE to do something that I find myself wanting to do it. When I do it because I have to, I don’t do it well.

      So tonight I wrote a post about a few days ago. I could have caught up but have decided not to. There will be plenty of time to catch up later. Besides, the AlphaMaret is calling with it’s fridge full of icy cold drinks.

  2. Hey Andrew, of course we love reading your blog, but don’t feel obligated. This part of the trip sounds challenging!! When the blog starts feeling like a lot of pressure, then you know you need a break from it. I can understand the difficulty of not being able to have a good chat in your own English. I’m an introvert but need to express my feelings and communicate and it can feel a bit isolating when I can’t, especially when I may be struggling with the conditions. I would find the humidity extremely difficult and the expectations from some of the locals about your tourist dollars can be very disappointing. I’ve a cycling friend who found that last aspect very hard to deal with in a couple of African countries. Focus on getting the most out of your trip. There will be plenty of time when you are back to tell your stories, whether in person on on your blog! Above all, squeeze as much as you can out of this experience!! I feel a bit pressured to just write one post this week and I have good Internet and plenty of time! Take good care of yourself and as JB wrote, if you do find the need to express some feelings (if the isolation gets to you) write something but don’t feel you need pics.

    • Hey Jane. Yeah – I don’t like blog posts without pics. If I see a text heavy post on someone else’s blog I don’t read past the first para or two. I am so Gen Y in some ways. Haha

  3. My idea is to just enjoy writing & hoping others enjoy what pops out. On rides I sometimes have ideas jump into my head and a few rides later I’ll have an outline. When I finally get round to typing it out, other stuff usually jostles for attention. So maybe less is more anyway – works for me!

    • Yeah. That usually works for me. I just have some people in my life who ask me where posts are if I don’t write. They mean well but it creates pressure. Here in Indonesia the travel is not easy. It’s challenging of itself. I enjoy the challenge and love what I am experiencing. Sometimes I even think of things to write as I ride the motorbike along. But by the end of the day the actual act of putting fingers to keys is more than I feel like doing. πŸ™‚

      But yeah – I’m a plot what I will write as I ride kinda guy too. I write a magazine column every six weeks and usually draft it without realising while I am out cycling or motorbike riding. And then I just bash out the 500 words the day they are due because they’ve become part of me.

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