The Brilliant Concert Season III (Busan)

 photo IMG_3073_zpsa5d95400.jpg
After a quiet day indoors, I met up with a group of friends from the hostel to attend Busan’s Brilliant Concert Season III at the Citizens Park. We brought drinks, snacks and plenty of travel stories to keep us entertained for the night. Not having purchased a ticket, we made our way to the free area outside the roped off area and joined the locals in setting down a picnic site. It didn’t take long for someone to tell us that alcohol was prohibited in the park so we hid it for a while until we noticed plenty of Koreans drinking beer and soju as well. Besides, no one could tell in the dark.
 photo IMG_3078_zps95ffd9d5.jpg
Shortly before the concert we noticed a few older Korean women break through the white ‘security’ tape around the paid seating area. The ‘official’ people in white jumpers did nothing to stop them. This is to be expected because the older Korean women are to be respected at all times here. They can get away with pretty much anything – so they do. In fact, one ‘official’ even started holding the security tape down to make it easier for the elderly ladies to break into the ticketed area. Soon a wave of Koreans started to just follow suit and before long the white tape was removed.
 photo IMG_3080_zps5975b750.jpg
We couldn’t exactly see much from our spot in the free seats but it didn’t matter. We could hear the music drifting over the crowd and could take in the atmosphere and experience of an outdoor concert. It’s my first picnic style concert and I enjoyed it a lot.
 photo IMG_3090_zps0aaf743e.jpg
We ate, drank and told travel stories. Three of us met in Seoul and are preparing to leave to our respective homes. We had some shared experiences we could compare. One person in our group had only that day arrived in Korea from Japan, where some of the others had also traveled. All up, it was a fun social night.


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