Just some food (Busan)

 photo 20141020_195222_zpso6cy6nk9.jpg
It’s been raining since I arrived in Busan so all I’ve done is eat. I tried to go out today but got soaked to the bone and ended up back indoors doing some work. Last night I went out with Mr Lee for food. Mr Lee is a Korean man who is staying in Busan. We had some boiled pork slices eaten Korean style with lettuce leaves and all sorts of little extras. It is served with soup and rice. I enjoy it but Mr Lee says it is not a good example.
 photo 20141021_134326_zpsdx1owir4.jpg
Today I feel hungry all day. I make good progress with my university assignment then head out, get drenched and find myself in a disgusting mood. I take stock and realise I am feeling hungry. The two slices of toast just weren’t enough for breakfast, especially not when you skip lunch. I am so desperate that I head to McDonalds where I know I can get close to 1,000 calories into me for less than five dollars. It’s familiar and cheap, despite being unhealthy I start to feel better almost immediately.
 photo 20141021_161909_zpsgdm4e8ga.jpg
Back at the hostel I am invited to join a pair of Americans for food. I only ate an hour ago but accept the invitation. Soon we are in a restaurant eating copious amounts of fried chicken. It is so good and by the time we leave I feel even more content. I definitely needed to eat and while I could have tried to find something healthy I can do that next week when I get home.
 photo 20141021_160905_zps1t0eos8v.jpg
And I’ll leave you for tonight with this image of the silkworm lavae that was served along with the fried chicken. I can report that the texture is okay but the taste resembles the smell of car tires being replaced. I only ate one and will probably not go out of my way to eat any more.


6 thoughts on “Just some food (Busan)

    • Hey Noel 🙂 I am glad you have enjoyed my blog. You are going to love South Korea. If you want any contacts and use Facebook there is a group called Cycling Seoul to Busan. It seems to be mostly expats who do the ride as quickly as possible but there is also a wealth of information on the page.

      It has been my first international cycle tour and only my third ever. I am so hooked and can’t wait for Japan in March 2015. (I am leaving the bike at home when I go to Indonesia (Java) because I am not quite ready for 360 degree traffic).

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