A night out in Daegu (Geonsangbuk-do)

 photo IMG_20141017_001740_zpsdl6sznwa.jpg
Rene the Swiss cyclist who I met in Seoul happened to turn up at the same hostel as I am staying at here in Daegu. So what else do you do when a fellow cyclist comes to town? Why you go out to eat food and drink beer. And that’s what we did.
 photo IMG_20141017_001951_zpswmpn55bp.jpg
We started with makchang, a delicacy here in Daegu that consists of pig’s intestines cooked on a coal grill at your table. When raw it looks rather graphic.
 photo IMG_20141017_001415_zpszbndjcg6.jpg
But then you (or, if you are a foreigner who seems to lack suitable BBQ experience, your host) cooks it up at the table until it looks just like any other sort of fried meat. You dip the fried intestines in a delicious sauce, place it on a lettuce leaf, add marinated bean sprouts, raw garlic slices, onion and this delicous paste, roll the leaf and eat. I was sceptical at first but found it to be one of the most delicous Korean foods I have eaten so far.
 photo IMG_20141017_001850_zpsapy1vej0.jpg
After makchang we wandered around a little while looking for a bar where we could drink a beer. It seems these are few and far between in Korea. Don’t get me wrong, you can pretty much buy beer anywhere. But usually it’s sold at restaurants where they also sell food. And being from Australia and Switzerland we are more used to bars where you just buy a drink. Eventually we found a place. They brought us our beers and then a big bowl of buttered popcorn. I found that very random but also very tasty.


4 thoughts on “A night out in Daegu (Geonsangbuk-do)

    • Oh yes I did. But only because I really like buttery popcorn. Oh, and I am not an afficionado of beer. I rarely drink alcohol at home and usually don’t like beer. So I it’s probably my unsophisticated pallet that allowed me to enjoy this strange combination

    • I am sure there will be more food stories coming this week while I am in Busan. I intend to check out the fish markets among other things. Tonight I think I will get fried chicken and beer.

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