Gangneung is a delightful and quiet city with a long white sand beach. It is also a creative city with lots of sculptures, such as creative seating and sculptures.

A bicycle path ran around the edge of the nearby lake. This park is very beautiful and has many sculptures. A series of little statues told the love story of an official who came to Gangneung in the old days. He fell in love with a beautiful lady (as they all do) but was torn away by official business (naturally). When he returned a mean man (there’s always a mean man) told him that the lady had died (as mean men do). The mean man was joking but the official felt sad. But then he saw the lady was still alive so they fell in love again and lived happily ever after (thankfully Shakespeare did not write this story). The sculptures were so expressive that even if there had been no English translation I would have known the story. On the other side of the lake some “children” were playing in the park. A girl was floating a boat down a stream, another girl was picking flowers and a boy was playing at being a soldier. But my favourite were these three “children” playing hide and go seek. You can actually see the movement in their actions.

From the lake it was a a bit of a ride to the house of the lady who is on the 50,000 won note (I wish I was better at remembering the names of people and places). I guess this place is like a palace for it is large and regal with beautiful groomed gardens dotted with pagodas and white-washed worker cottages. Like so many other Korean museums and places of interest, the entry fee was a mere 3,000 won ($AU/US3). I am impressed by this commitment on the part of Korean tourism to encourage people to access the many museums and sites the country has to offer. They all seem to be either free or only 3,000 won.

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