Ganhyon to Saeng-gok


Leaving the pagoda I enter the town proper. I do a few laps as I try to find my way out of town that does not require me to climb a steep hill. Failing I resign myself to the inevitable. A valley opens out behind me. Breathtaking views will be my reward for many more climbs today.

The rice harvest is in full swing. I watch farmers work. The harvest also means festival time. Here, there’sa scarecrow competition and display. A whole town of scarecrows lives along the road acting out daily life.

The cycleway enters a deep valley protected by jagged mountain peaks. I follow until road #19, which Mark recommended I follow.

Everything looks foreign to me so I struggle to find food and lodgings. I don’t know what to look for and can’t read Korean script. Tired and worn out I pitch camp by the road in what looks like a closed camping ground. It’s a pretty place with a creek running nearby and mountains rising on all sides. It’s a fantastic place to end the day.

One thought on “Ganhyon to Saeng-gok

  1. Glad it was just a dream that woke you and that you didn’t stack it while something like a tank was driving by!
    Those scarecrows are very imaginative.
    : )

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