Seoul to Ipobo

Today I begin my cycle tour from Seoul to Busan. I’m green and have no idea what to expect. I anxiously follow the Four Rivers Bicycle Path out of the city. Locals exercise in the many outdoor gyms, cycle erratically along the path or simply relax under the shade of the many bridges that criss cross the river.

After about 30km the landscape starts to become more agricultural. Rice paddies and vegetable gardens become a common sight, taking up every patch of land between the houses.

I spend my first night of the tour camped at a free camp in a place I think is called Ipobo. Google Maps doesn’t work here so I’m not quite sure whether Ipobo is a town or locality. Two Russian cycle tourers give me some tips in broken English before continuing. Me, I set up camp, take a shower and watch the locals cooking on their little coal BBQs. Insects hum me to sleep.

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