Korean BBQ

 photo IMG_20140925_023003_zpswwis7etj.jpg
It was raining when I woke yesterday morning so I decided to stay at the hostel and get some work done. While hanging out in the common room I asked some of the other guys whether they wanted to try some Korean BBQ. Participation in this dish requires a small group of people and I am enjoying the company of the guys at the hostel so it turned out to be a good idea. A couple of the guys have been in Korea for a few months or years so they got recommendations from Shrek, the host of our hostel, and we set off into neon lights of Itaewon to eat.

Korean BBQ didn’t disappoint. There was meat. There were vegetables. There were never-ending supplies of accompaniements. And there was favour. Beer and soju kept us socially lubricated and we soon found ourselves heading out to a bar for a few more beers and some dancing. Well, the other guys had a few more beers but we all danced. While I don’t intend to make a habit of partying, it has been nice to let my hair down a bit here.


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