Korea here I come

 photo IMG_20140920_172441_zpsfx12lrf6.jpg
My bike is boxed. My kit is packed. I’m ready for tomorrow’s flight to Seoul, Korea.

I can’t wait for my first solo overseas trip and my first overseas cycle tour. I’ve been overseas before but never alone. As a child and teenager I traveled with my parents and sisters. As an adult I traveled with my ex-partner and son. It’s also my first trip to a country where I will not be able to understand or read the language (when I went to China I took a tour so that doesn’t count). So I am very excited and a little bit nervous.

I have booked a hostel in Seoul for a week before I set off fully loaded. I will use it as a base to settle in, explore the city, aclimate to Korea, pick up a few basic words and phrases, and organise internet so I can work and study while traveling.

I’ll be in transit for the next couple of days. I have over six hours in Kuala Lumpur where I think there is free wifi so I might not be able to help myself writing a post from there but I might also be too busy wandering around stretching my legs after being confined to a cattle class seat.


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