Werribee Mansion and the Great Ocean Road

With only four days available, my friend and I hired a car to check out the iconinc Great Ocean Road. I’ve ridden it twice before on a motorbike but both times I was in a hurry and saw nothing but the quick photo highlights. So this time we booked two nights accommodation along the road and a late flight home for my friend so that we had a full three days to explore this popular region.
 photo IMG_20140915_115804_zpswkrf2xyj.jpg
 photo IMG_20140915_115705_zpsgusblol7.jpg
We weren’t far out of Melbourne when we decided to make our first stop: the Werribee Mansion. This late nineteenth century building was constructed by a wealthy landowner who merely wanted to show off his wealth. The building was not used as a residence though it was fully decorated. The gardens were established in the style of the Royal Botanic Gardens in England. Much of the building has been restored to its former glory and it looks truly grand. Afterwards we stopped at Bruno’s Deli and Cafe in Werribee for more food adventures (I wish I’d taken some photos). The deli made sandwiches to order on fresh ciabatta using top quality ingredients at good prices (I had salami, cheese and salad) and their scoops of ice cream were so generous no child (small or big) could complain (I had lemon sorbet and chocolate gelato in a cone).
 photo IMG_20140915_152138_zpsagd7p6cj.jpg
A long hour later and we finally reached the start of the Great Ocean Road in Torquay. Here we looked out over famous Bells Beach but, unfortunately, there were no surfers out in the water yet. Some had driven up and were getting ready but with it being mid-afternoon already and over 1.5 hours left to drive, we didn’t wait to watch them in action.
 photo 20140915_171554_zpsbep4ltxs.jpg
We followed the Great Ocean Road along the coast until we reached our cabins at the Kennett River Holiday Park. The park is across the road from the beach and just down the road from a glow worm hangout. Large seaweed trees had washed up on the beach and we stood in awe of them. It was far too cold and windy to stay out for very long though so after a short walk we retreated to the warmth of our accommodation. After dark we drove 6km into the mountains where the glow worms were dazzling. It was like there were stars embedded into the hillside. It was a perfect end to a wonderful day.


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