Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles

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We started the day with the simple luxury of feeding the local birds on the deck of our cabin at the Kennett River Holiday Park. We’d bought some seeds from the park shop the previous afternoon and weren’t disappointed by the turnout. It started with the ducks who came looking for a free feed. Soon brightly coloured parrots swarmed onto our deck as large cockatoos jumped around on the ground and blackbirds looked on.
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The parrots became bolder the longer we stayed and soon flocked to us personally, landing on our heads and arms to access the food they desired so much. It was my friend who bought the seeds. He’s brilliant like that.
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 photo 20140916_105810_zps92pcdpj5.jpg
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After feeding the birds we set offf for full day exploring the rock formations on the western end of the Great Ocean Road. After a slow drive over Cape Otway in the driving rain we reached Gibson Steps; the first of the rock formations. The rain cleared long enough for us to walk down the steps and stand below the high and fragile cliffs. I felt so small down there under this wonder of nature. It really set the tone for the rest of the day’s exploration.
 photo 20140916_111517_zpsnvpqznq4.jpg
What remains of the Twelve Apostles was our next stop. There used to be twelve structures in the sea but some have collapsed over time. The waves crash against the lower sections of the pillars and eats away at them until the pillar topples over like a huge pile of Jenga blocks.
 photo 20140916_114853_1_zpsddqvmtk7.jpg
It was a relatively calm day on the sea but still waves crashed high up over the rocks.
 photo IMG_20140916_115813_zps54vmubvw.jpg
The cliffs here are riddled with caves that fill with sea water, which in turns digs them even deeper. Thunder Cave is a great example of this. Waves rumble down through a gorge before filling the cave. It then rushes out to meet the next waves taht are racing towards the cave. Looking around it was obvious that there are more caves being burrowed into the cliffs as water exited cracks in the rock.
 photo 20140916_121807_zpskx1lri3e.jpg
 photo 20140916_124541_zpsn8cc9zub.jpg
 photo 20140916_135510_zpsb6huwrsa.jpg
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 photo 20140916_124111_zpsj5z7ph2p.jpg
We spent the entire day driving along the coast from one amazing vista to the next. I don’t think I could find enough superlatives to describe them all. So I will leave you with my favourite: The Grotto.
 photo IMG_20140916_141101_zpsfrixskeb.jpg

10 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles

    • I highly recommend it. Take a long weekend. Or, if you have a bit longer drive to Adelaide. Even if you have your own car, I recommend hiring a car and driving to Adelaide over 5-7 days then flying home to Melbourne. Car hire is not too expensive (I paid $130 for 5 days) and the flight home will be cheaper than petrol

      • We’ve driven to Adelaide, but took the inland route. A long weekend is more likely, but not when the weather’s warm when there are more people heading that way.
        The flight home isn’t actually cheaper than petrol you know… but I guess it depends who you’re prepared to fly with!

      • I always fly Jetstar or Virgin and keep an eye out for specials. All my flights around Asia for the next 12 months are on Air Asia because no one can come close. I book based on price but won’t fly Tiger because I have heard too many stories of their flights not departing.

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