Back in Melbourne

After a week at home I returned to Melbourne on a late night flight with a friend. We arrived at our hostel around 1am on Saturday night (or Sunday morning, depending how you look at it) and quickly called it a night. The trip had been booked before my flight home had been arranged and gave us a chance to catch up after a hectic week. We woke late on Sunday morning and took a leisurely walk to breakfast in a diner near the Queen Victoria Markets. We spent a few lazy hours exploring the markets focusing on the trinkets and crafts, rather than the food (though we did make a special visit to the Koko Black chocolate stall). I enjoyed our wanderings and certainly saw the markets differently than I had when I was there on my own.

After a rest at the hostel we hit the streets again for a long evening stroll to Docklands, South Bank and the CBD. It was fun to explore some of the shops at Docklands, especially after I haven’t done any normal mall-style shopping in a long time (outdoor shops do not count). The t-shirt and book shops were my favourite, though it was in the stationery shop that I came closest to parting with my money when I saw the journals (fortunately for my wallet, none had any lines in them and I can only journal if I have lines).
 photo download_20140914_203640_zps2q99nlwq.jpeg
And then there was another chapter in my friend and my food adventures. This time we ventured into unknown territory by dining at an African restaurant and eating the two-person set menu. The food was delicious and presented beautifully. The flavours were unlike anything I’ve tasted before especially the bread, which had a sour taste to it. It was certainly a wonderful way to end a lovely day.


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