A week at home

After two months away traveling on my own and doing my own thing, my return home came as a bit of a shock to my system. There was a certain hustle and bustle to my visit. It wasn’t what I planned; it just happened. And it left me feeling discombobulated. A feeling that has affected me for the better part of a week since I left Brisbane to return to my travels. It isn’t that anyone did anything wrong. It’s just that I felt like I spent most of the week rushing around meeting other people’s expectations. Yes, I enjoyed everyone’s company but I rode my motorbike over 800km in less than 6 days, went to the office twice and submitted two university assignments.

Like I said, it wasn’t that my week at home was bad. Far from it, I made some lovely memories over the course of the week. There was the game of tiggy with my nephews and niece who always seemed to catch me but were elusive when it was my turn to be It.
 photo download_20140914_203701_zps0rdn7qrv.jpeg
There was the fantastic birthday outing with a friend to Montville where we wandered through craft shops and shared the most amazing chocolate dessert while enjoying stunning views over the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. I also enjoyed waking up every morning feeling at home looking at the sea out of the lounge room window.
 photo IMG_20140911_102521_zpsgglsiylf.jpg
 photo IMG_4311812510640_zpsgcifkmiq.jpeg
 photo 20140912_060019_zpsi1z3kvix.jpg
I also went on a two-day walking trip to Lamington National Park with Mum where Dad joined us for a hike on the second day. On the first day Mum and I walked the 18km Tooloona Circuit at O’Reilly. I walked the track a few months ago just before I separated from my partner so it brought back some painful memories. We then drove to Binna Burra where we stayed in the lodge with it’s magnificent mountain vistas. On the second day Mum, Dad and I walked the 18.5km Illinbah Creek Circuit with it’s many creek crossings and overgrown paths. The track is actually only 16.6km long but the track disappeared so many times we walked almost 2km extra. It was a lot of fun and it got me in the mood for some more hiking in the future.

I am glad Mum flew me home for my birthday. It was good to see my family and has changed my vision of the way I will travel in future. When I left in July, I couldn’t wait to get away from Brisbane. Now, I feel like it is my home again and that travel is an adventure to enjoy, not an escape. But, in future, I will not allow myself to fall into the trap of city bustle that I worked so hard to escape.


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