A change in style

My trip home taught me something important: I don’t want to be away from my loved ones for months at a time. I don’t want to miss months and years of birthdays or dinners. I want our relationships to be more than quick coffees squeezed into tight schedules. I enjoy my own company but still get lonely being an outsider just passing through. I thought I didn’t mind but then I returned home and wanted to see everyone (hence my getting caught up in the hustle).

When I first told my parents I wanted to go away and cycle the world for a few years my dad told me that he could see me starting out that way but backing off later to travel six to nine months of the year and live somewhere for the other three to six months. I told him that he was mistaken; but parents rarely are. I have since learned that my family had made bets between themselves about how long it would take me to come home. The timeframes varied from one to three months. It seems they were all correct.

After much thought, I have today changed my return flight from Korea so that I will now be returning on 27 October, rather than 24 November. But I do not intend to travel less; just differently. I’ll be home for about three weeks before I head over to Indonesia (probably Java) for a month. I will probably leave my bicycle at home while in Indonesia because I want to indulge in my other passion: motorcycle touring on small cc bikes. My mother, aunt and grandmother will all be in Indonesia at that time so that was the clincher for me changing my plans. I will catch up with them all while I am there.

I feel good about this change in direction. I like having a home again and knowing that I will be able to be part of my loved ones’ lives.


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