Docklands, Southbank and Ghosts

After another day spent working on my ethics in education university paper, I was happy to stretch my legs and check out more of what Melbourne has to offer.
 photo IMG_1393_zps44ca31c2.jpg
 photo IMG_1391_zpsada87dc2.jpg
I wander almost aimlessly in what I believe might be the direction of the Yarra River. I make this deduction from the lie of the land and soon find myself at Docklands. Being 5:30pm, the shops are already closing so there’s not much point exploring this retail precinct so I walk in what I now know is the direction of the river. I am soon greeted by a large dock with statues and other artistic references.
 photo IMG_1398_zps316688e1.jpg
I chuckle at the cow in the tree sculpture outside Etihad Stadium. I have no idea what it means but it sure is very Melbourne.
 photo IMG_1406_zps6b2058d9.jpg
I reach South Bank as commuters make their ways home and the first of the diners start to appear at the restaurants. Bicycle headlights are so bright they blind me as cycle commuters weave their way precariously through the walking throng. As a former cycle commuter I make a mental note to carry a spare low-lumen headlight to use when cycling through well-lit shared pathways like this one and to reduce my speed to 10-15kph through these areas because cyclists traveling quickly ringing their bells at pedestrians is actually unpleasant and unecesssary in the bigger scheme of things (ringing bells is fine but not when it’s done out of entitlement when the cyclist is traveling at 20-25kph or on the drops through a built up pedestrian space).
 photo IMG_1403_zps845e812b.jpg
The city lights reflect off the Yarra River’s waters. It’s a beautiful sight and makes for lovely walking. While I love the bush and natural areas, I am quite partial to city lights.
 photo IMG_1426_zpsc990e875.jpg
I make my way to the Old Melbourne Gaol where I have booked a ghost tour. I don’t want to give too much away about the tour because surprise and mystery are definitely one of the best things about these experiences. Let’s just say it was a spooky experience in which we walked through the dark old prison listening to ghostly stories of prisoners, guards and more recent ghoulish encounters. There’s tiny dark cells, a gallows and the knowledge that Ned Kelly was among the 174 people hanged here.


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