The Comics Lounge (Melbourne)

After a long day sitting behind my laptop in the hostel common room I need to get out. The hostel has advertised free entry to a nearby comedy club, The Comics Lounge so I decide to check it out. I’ve never been to stand up comedy before so I can chalk this up to another new experience brought about by travel.

The laughter and frivolity begin the moment we step out of the hostel doors. There are six of us: two South Africans, three Irishfolk from Cork and me. I discover that Irish humour is similar to our Australian humour. The Irish girls are soon teasing me about some wonky directions I gave them earlier in the evening and that cheeky humour continues for the short walk to the venue. By the time I am there it won’t matter how good or bad the comedians are, I’ve already forgotten about the ethics in education paper I’ve been slaving over and am ready for a good time.

Doug Chappell warms the crowd. He’s hilarious, playing off the audience members who he has decided to talk with. His comedy is not for the feint hearted as the f*** word makes frequent appearances and he either mentions or alludes to sex many times. But in the context of a local comedy club it’s hilarious. Unfortunately, the first act didn’t quite measure up to Doug’s introduction and his timing was slightly off for me. I can’t remember the comedian’s name but he seemed relatively young and it was probably just a matter of experience rather than lack of skill. I still had a few chuckles but was grateful for a short set. Dave Ivkovic, by comparison has me belly laughing and wanting more. His joke about Collinwood football supporters has me cheering because, as a Brisbane local, I support two teams: Brisbane and anyone who is playing against Collingwood. The night finishes with Doug taking the Ice Bucket Challenge and making a couple of prank phone calls to people who were nominated by audience members.

If you are in Melbourne and want a laugh, get yourself along to The Comics Lounge. It’s quite a good night out. If you are staying in a hostel, you might find that free ticket are available because there were groups from other hostels at the venue too.


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