On markets and street art (Melbourne)

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The Queen Victoria Markets are a Melbourne institution. I almost always end up there when I travel to Melbourne. I am drawn there not by the prospect of buying anything interesting because heaven knows they only sell an array of stuff that I don’t need: footy jerseys and scarves, touristy tea towels and stuffed koalas, soaps, tacky t-shirts, cheap jewelry and food. But they have a fantastic atmosphere on a sunny Saturday when tourists and locals rub shoulders.
 photo IMG_1318_zps15f3f2a0.jpg
The array of fruit and vegetables on offer is wonderful. You can buy many different varieties of mushrooms.
 photo IMG_1317_zpsc55945de.jpg
Less common vegetables like parsnips and globe artichokes.
 photo IMG_1316_zpsf7064aa2.jpg
Vine ripened tomatoes galore.
 photo IMG_1313_zps9640d465.jpg
And seasonal fruits, like mandarins, apples and strawberries.
 photo IMG_1322_zpsd5cf1b78.jpg
Even the items that don’t interest me attract my eye by their pretty bright colours.
 photo IMG_1312_zpsde4c02c3.jpg
Or the jumble of shapes.
 photo IMG_1320_zps591f2776.jpg
The morning sounds are dominated by the songs of musicians and the hubbub of people talking. By afternoon the call of bargains takes over and muffles everything else. “One dollar one dollar one dollar” comes the call of men’s voices. Old hands with Mediteranean accents compete with muscular young blokes with ocker tones to their calls. I don’t hear many women shouting bargains and, in fact, a few men have materialised at stands where women have stood all day. Perhaps men have louder voices than women for shouting over the top of each other; I only report what I hear. By the time I return to the hostel I have bought quite a good selection of fruit and vegetables to self-cater for my seven remaining nights here in Melbourne.
 photo IMG_1323_zpsba197d3c.jpg
The colour and sound of the market is complemented by the colour and creativity of the street art I see painted in laneways around the city.
 photo IMG_1325_zpsd401e0a2.jpg
I can’t help but wonder whether some of the more aggressive or harsh art is confronting to some passers by.
 photo IMG_1326_zpseec2329c.jpg
I personally like it all.
 photo IMG_1324_zpsd33ad678.jpg
Even some of the more abstract works.
 photo IMG_1332_zps153998e8.jpg
I can’t help but wonder how many hours have gone into creating these works. Probably more hours than it’s going to take me to find more urban art in this Australia’s second largest city.


8 thoughts on “On markets and street art (Melbourne)

  1. Lovely post about the market. I have always loved them and their arrays of stalls, bargains and delicious food. I’ll be sure to visit the Queen Victoria Markets if I ever go to Melbourne.

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 . The QVM are definitley worth a visit. Especially as the day draws to a close and the real atmosphere of bargain hunting kicks in around the produce stands.

  2. There sure is s lot of street art around. Some I appreciate more than others. But in all cases they’re better artists than me, so I can’t criticize, just wonder what on earth they were thinking at the time! 😉

    • Haha. Yeah, I agree, some is better than others. Some are weird. I took heaps mor epics of street art today. Will upload them and write a post about them.

      If you haven’t done it yet, I highly recommend the I’m Free Walking Tour of Melbourne. It leaves from outside the Victoria Library every day at 10:30am and 2:30pm. It’s free but you are asked to make a donation at the end. It’s 3 hours and you see everything of Melbourne. Great for locals as much as visitors – we had 5 locals on our tour today and they all discovered somethign new. A donation can be whatever you want to pay for the tour. Most seem to pay about $10.

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