Food glorious food (Fleurieu Peninsula)

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The past few days have been a delight not only on my eyes but also for my tastebuds. The food here in the McClaren Vale area has been amazing. The highlight has probably been Bracegirdles. This local chocolate company have a warm and cosy cafe that sells a range of delicious cakes and chocolates. They are served with care so the customer can enjoy them at their best. Even take aways are served with a small container of cream and a strawberry accompaniement. The Chupa (top image) was a white chocolate mousse interior coated in a dark chocolate with prailene coating. It was to die for. The triple chocolate mousse slice was also absolutely delicious.
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As well as cakes and slices, Bracegirdles sells the most amazing chocolates. They are all beautiful and the flavours are crisp and clean. We had some award winning passionfruit and marshmallow chocolate as well as a salted caramel one and a finger lime flavoured one. The choc orange log was so rich even half a bar was too much to eat in one sitting but it was delicious.
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The Alexandrina Cheese Company have 80 jersey cows that produce their milk. The cows are all individually named; showing that they are not just cows but also valued members of the company. After-all, they play a critical role in providing the milk. The milk is award-winning so we decided to try an iced coffee and iced chocolate. It was as good as it sounded. The cheeses were also fantastic. The feta was creamy and not as salty as feta sometimes can be.
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Tonight we thought we’d go out to eat. But it is Friday and the whole town was booked out. It ended up working out quite well because we bought some scotch fillet steak and teamed it with salad and garlic bread. The feta from Alexandrina was fantastic in the salad and the romano cheese was a delicious topper for the potatoes. The steak we bought was so tender that we were able to cut it with butter knives (the only thing that was available in the cabins we rented).

We’ve also bought some french vanilla flavoured almonds, sherbert boiled lollies and dried fruit chocolates. And, ratehr than just scoffing them all down, we’ve been savouring them a few at a time. It’s just a shame that I have a cold and sore throat at the moment because swallowing hurts. But the pain is worth it.


5 thoughts on “Food glorious food (Fleurieu Peninsula)

  1. This has just made me so hungry I’m going to have to go raid the fridge! Glad you’re having such an amazing time being free Andrew and your Instagram photos are great!

    • Haha. How was your raid of the fridge? Am back on the bike tomorrow. I have 5 weeks to cycle from Adelaide to Melbourne. It’s 750km the short way but I’ll be taking a scenic route of about 1,100km.

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