Greenock to Galwer (Barossa Valley)

 photo IMG_0559_zps39a0aca8.jpg
The famous Barossa Valley. That’s where I found myself yesterday morning as I rode south-west out of Greenock through massive fields of bare vines.
 photo IMG_0561_zpsf9258a29.jpg
Some of the vines looked like they might have aged beyond use or that they were being rested. They looked like a grape vine graveyard as I rode past them. Hills rose in the distance and I could enjoy the sight of them without worrying about having to ride over them.
 photo IMG_0563_zpse41527fb.jpg
 photo IMG_0565_zps4c28a064.jpg
 photo IMG_0572_zps0f9d57c1.jpg
Gravel roads stretched out before me like orange ribbons between the vineyards. The roads were straight, as if creating bends might somehow disturb the landscape. Change of direction were made by taking right angle turns to travel along more straight roads in the new direction. All around, the scenery was spectacular and I can see why the Barossa Valley is such a popular tourist destination.
 photo IMG_0578_zps942dfba8.jpg
At times the road got a bit sloppy and mud caked my tyres. I got off to walk around a deep puddle in a causeway and couldn’t get enough traction to ride up the following hill. But in a beautiful place like this there’s no problem with taking a short walk.
 photo IMG_0580_zps16c6846b.jpg
 photo IMG_0584_zpsa946a7a5.jpg
At the top of the hill I enjoyed stunning views back over the valleys and hills I had traveled through during the morning. And before me were laid out vast green fields of grass or crops (I still don’t know what the deep green fields have in them).
 photo IMG_0577_zps12f68c4c.jpg
My entire day was a visual feast of shapes and colours. The greens of the crops. The yellow flowers between the vines that had not yet been mowed. The red tractors mowing or spraying the fields. The orange gravel roads and the grey skies above me.
 photo IMG_0573_zps00de98bc.jpg
Cheeky sheep grazed between the vines or got stuck into bales of hay left to dry in the paddocks. They ran away as I rode past, bleeting loudly in their panic. The silly creatures causing me to laugh every time I saw them being their funny selves.
 photo IMG_0569_zpscf09064d.jpg
I enjoyed the ride. I didn’t even let a rude phone call from someone who I used to respect and whose business I will no longer support ruin my day. Instead, I brushed it off and took in the scenery I rode through. From Gawler I caught a train into Adelaide city and then followed the Linear Path back to my mate L’s place. My first proper fully loaded cycle tour was a success after 16 days and about 500km. I’ll be in Adelaide for a week working and studying so might not have much to blog about until I get moving again. But then … who knows …


2 thoughts on “Greenock to Galwer (Barossa Valley)

    • I was thinking that. I will come back one year when there are leaves on the vines. It would look amazing! Maybe by motorbike or in your 4WD on the way back from somewhere exotic 🙂

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