Friendship and food

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My primary reason for choosing Adelaide as a destination was to visit my friend, L. We met seven years ago when I came to visit someone I then knew, H. L was H’s mate but he and I hit it off and have been firm friends since. I have been meaning to come back to Adelaide to visit over the intervening years but it never happened. So I was excited to come here to spend time with L. And what a time we’ve had. We’ve stayed up late catching up on the years, walked his cute dog and shared meals.
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Cooking is one of my loves so I have taken over L’s kitchen to cook up some feasts. First there was a dinner of chickpea and leak soup, followed by roast chicken and pumpkin. It was such a treat to use an oven; something I don’t have access to when I camp.
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The next night I used the leftover roast chicken to make nasi goreng for dinner. This is a simple dish I learned from my mother, which was a common dinner at home. I love the sweet and salty flavours and that it can be made with any leftover meat.
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Yesterday I pumped up the country music on my phone while L was out picking up his 10 year old nephew and baked up a storm. It was cold and grey outside so baking in a warm kitchen was divine. By the time I was done, I had baked some mini lemon crumble loaves and a big chocolate chip chocolate brownie. I had also quite contendedly licked the beater, wooden spoon and mixing bowls. The sugar overload didn’t stop me from getting stuck into the finished brownie though.
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And then, last night, L and his nephew cooked me a big feast of Greek-style marinated lamb chops, chips and salad. The lamb was so tender it melted in my mouth. I think sharing food is one of the most wonderful experiences. And it’s one I’ve enjoyed immensely this week.


2 thoughts on “Friendship and food

    • The soup is just 5 leeks (I used 1 leek and 1 onion because leeks cost $2.99 each here in Australia), garlic, salt & pepper, 1 potato, 1 tin chickpeas (you can use dried – just soak overnight), and vegetable or chicken stock (I used cubes). Soften the aliums with the salt and pepper (don’t brown) then add the chickpeas, potatoes and stock. Simmer a while until everything is soft. Then mash it all together or blend as you prefer. It’s a Jaimie Oliver recipe.

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