City to surf day

 photo IMG_0119_zpsabf8f843.jpg
Art is one of my favourite things so I was delighted when my friend and I traveled into town to check out the art gallery. The art gallery here in Adelaide contains a wonderful collection of classic pieces and also a few modern installations like this rope and leather one. I enjoyed the portraits and the Antipodean collection the best. Though this installation sculture really caught my eye.
 photo IMG_0128_zps7db46d2d.jpg
The art didn’t stop inside the gallery. Out on the street there were some lovely examples of street art that drew my eye. Especially this mural of a traveler eating ice cream, his bags and some bicycles. It’s no wonder it caught my attention and drew me in.
 photo IMG_0132_zpse80c8ac1.jpg
 photo IMG_0134_zps2eacbd55.jpg
After a few hours looking at art, it was time to hit the Central Markets where we made a beeline straight to my friend’s favourite cake shop and a place to buy hot chocolate. Given that choclate is one of my other favourite things, I thought this was a wonderful idea.
 photo IMG_20140710_170437_zpsvycpcq5p.jpg
I had my bike serviced while we were in the city so once it was ready I followed the Linear Path back towards my friend’s house. Karrawirra Parri (the Torrens River) is in flood and her muddy waters are flowing quickly towards the sea. Weeping natives line her banks near the city, opening to tall red gums as the river makes her way to the sea. Of course, the river starts much further upstream but I have joined her here in the city just 13.5km from the sea.
 photo IMG_0135_zps71eb9ca2.jpg
Karrawirra Parri is still a wild river, despite her proximity to South Australia’s capital. I like the perfectly imperfect brown waters of Australia’s river systems. They show the journey the water takes after leaving the source.
 photo IMG_0137_zpsf17f6170.jpg
 photo IMG_0138_zps025d1ca3.jpg
As I pass the brewery I am taken by the whimsical models on the river’s other bank. Given that I like whimsical things, I can’t help but stop to smile and giggle at the sight.
 photo IMG_20140710_174535_zps6dw4gdr8.jpg
I continue down the Linear Path, following Karrawirra Pirri past pockets of red gums, suburban homes and horses grazing in paddocks adjoining the river until I reach the sea. My timing is perfect and I watch the sun set over the water. It’s another of my favourite things: the sun setting over the sea. I kneel on the sand for a few moments taking it all in before I turn my bike around and ride back to my friend’s house, which is halfway back to the city. Being on two wheels in the crisp air taking in new places brings joy to my heart.


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