Flower run

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The sky is grey and the air is crisp. I feel like I’m in a foreign country, a feeling I always get when I’m in Australia’s southern states. While I was surfing in shorts and bare chest at Baffle Creek two weeks ago, I find myself out running in trousers and softshell here in Adelaide. It’s invigorating and new. Everything is different here: the architecture, the lush green grass, the scent of woodfires coming from chimneys and the deciduous trees.
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I leave my friends’ place and walk for the first ten minutes. They say that you should train the way you want to race and I have decided the best aproach for me in the Surf Coast Century is to walk the first ten minutes so I don’t get caught up with the actual runners. I walk briskly letting my body aclimatise to the chill. I enjoy this way of starting a run; it’s less stressful on my body than stepping out my door and running.
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White-backed magpies hunt for worms. I like how clean they look compared with the black ones we get in Brisbane. They stand out against the deep green grass and dark grey sky. I wonder where the boundary is between the land of the white- and black-backed magpies.
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But my favourite part of today’s run are the flowers. They bring joy to the grey skies and drizzle.
 photo IMG_0108_zps0a3c5c16.jpg
The red flowering gums make me think of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, two characters from an Australian children’s tale. It makes me happy as I run along the trail.
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The wattles are out too. I love their sweet scent, even though they make me sneeze. The run is fantastic and by the time I return home I am warmed up and starting to feel comfortable in this new place. I don’t know what South Australia will bring but I am just going with the flow until I work it out. For now, I am loving being here with my mate and in this new place.


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