It’s actually happening …

I can’t believe this is actually happening. Today I am flying from Brisbane to Adelaide with my touring bicycle and kit. I have dreamed of setting off to explore the world as long as I can remember and it seems totally surreal that it is actually going to happen.

I have until 21 September to make my way from Adelaide to Melbourne. The direct route is just 761km (472 miles) but I have no intention of taking the direct route. I will probably be in South Australia until about 12 August before I start making my way eastwards in ernest. I have to be in Anglesea for a 100km trail run on 13 September, so that commits me to the Great Ocean Road, which is an amazing part of the world.

On 21 September, I will fly to Seoul, South Korea. I have been given/loaned a set of guides for the Four Rivers Cycle Routes, which lead from Seoul in the north to Busan in the south and some areas in Korea’s west. I have heard great things about cycle touring in Korea so am excited to go explore that country. I love Korean food (or at least the food you find in Korean restaurants in Australia) but know nothing else about what to expect other than what I’ve readย  on other cycle touring and walking blogs. However, I do have a learn Korean app on my phone so hopefully I’ll be able to speak a few basic phrases once I’m there. I will return to Brisbane on 25 November for about 6 weeks for work, Christmas and to arrange a visa for Myanmar.

I will book the Myanmar and Hong Kong travels (January – February 2015) once my visa for Myanmar has been issued.

But I have committed to Japan. I just booked return flights from the Brisbane to Tokyo for 8 March 2015 – 12 May 2015. Cherry blossoms here I come. I have been fascinated by Japan since taking Japanese language classes for two years in high school. I can’t remember anything but am sure some things will come back to me once I am there.

From Japan I will return to Brisbane for 2-6 weeks for work and family time before I take off to Europe.


6 thoughts on “It’s actually happening …

  1. Just wanted to say, it’s uber cool what your doing also too bad I’ll miss your time in Korea, it would have been fun to bike part way or something! Ah well I hope you enjoy your ride all the same, I have found some great places via bike trails in Korea. Also, I think searching for life’s meaning is a worthwhile goal:)

    • Hey Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for coming to say g’day. It is a shame about Korea. I’d like to hear about your trip and how you did it, given that I will be departing on a similar route so soon after you. I am very excited about Korea … it’s going to be really interesting and sounds like there are lots of cool people there too

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