Paddling in winter: Central Queensland style

 photo IMG_20140629_104531_zpszcpq7vnv.jpg
It’s blowing a gale when we arrive at Flat Rock boat ramp for the Baffle Creek Boat Club day out. It’s cold and the creek is choppy. The forecast 10 knot winds must be blowing gently somewhere else because it’s got to be closer to 20 knots here, which is too strong for us to take the sailing boats out. I follow my friends K, G and M into the boat club shed where there’s coffee, tea and a range of homemade goodies. I meet their neighbours (a relative term here where properties are scattered far and wide) and admire the old Sabots piled up in the back of the shed.
 photo IMG_20140629_110645_zpsw6kxov57.jpg
We pack some kayaks on a ute and head down to nearby Rules Beach, which is protected from the wind. A tarp is erected across some driftwood trees to provide shade and we settle in for a day of fun, sun and sand.
 photo Baffle1_zpsb874e894.jpg
I’ve brought my packraft up to Baffle with me and take the opportunity to get it out on the water. I’ve got inflating it sorted and it takes less than 5 minutes of relaxed work. I am sure I could get it up in less than 3 minutes if I put some effort in but life’s not about the rush anymore.
 photo Baffe3_zps085ae3e8.jpg
While the waves look small from the beach, they tower over me in my raft and my first few attempts at launching the boat end in the boat being swamped and me swimming. The trick is to have patience and wait for a break in the waves so that I can get my skirt done up. M comes out to help. I do up my skirt on the beach and he pushes me out until I am floating. The boat now floats up over the breaking waves quite well and I find myself paddling and drifting happily out to sea.
 photo Baffle2_zpsbd10606a.jpg
I drift and enjoy the diamonds dazzling off the water. It’s almost impossible to believe that this is the middle of winter. It’s just glorious. I catch a few waves in the packraft. It floats nicely on top of the water. I can see why these boats are good for whitewater. As the waves subside with the changing tide I come into the beach to chill out on the sand. One of the young boys decides to cover my back with sand and then buries my legs. I listen to the locals’ conversations and soak up the sunshine.
 photo IMG_20140629_123049_zpsijdglxo2.jpg
After an hour or two the tide has changed enough for some more little waves to build. Sure, they are only about a foot tall but it’s enough to have fun without feeling threatened when I inevitably get dumped. I take out one of the boat club’s kayaks and catch lots of waves with a couple of the other guys. There’s plenty of laughter as we succeed or fail in our wave riding efforts. It feels great to be lifted by the waves then surge forward as they break. By the time we return home (I must mention that I call anyplace I lay my head home) we’re all pleasantly relaxed and ready for a yarn around the campfire.


5 thoughts on “Paddling in winter: Central Queensland style

  1. It sounds like it was the perfect day out 🙂
    It’s good you reminded us in the post that it’s winter. I find it so very easy to forget when I look at your pictures and read your words. It feels so summery to me.

    Does it just get unbearably hot and dry in the Summer? Or is there just not a great change in weather?

    • It was a fantastic day out 🙂 . Yes, it is winter here in Australia. Here in the northern parts of Australia it stays warm all year round. It can become absolutely horribly humid and hot in summer so the winters are the best seasons for adventuring. Next week I will be heading to the southern Australian states where it is cold and wet (and where it snows up in the alps but I am not going there 😦 ).

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