The final countdown

 photo IMG_20140611_105322_zpsvfzp5o3v.jpg
I am ready to get underway. I can’t leave just yet because I have a few loose ends to tidy up here in Brisbane where I have lived my entire life. But I am quite impatient for my new life to begin. I’ve given up a lot to give this adventuring thing a crack and the final month of waiting has passed slowly.
 photo IMG_20140603_175638_zpsymvm9wjr.jpg
That’s not to say that it’s been bad. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the month living at magical Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) with its crystal clear waters, dolphins and soft sandy beaches. In fact, I would almost say that life here has been near to paradise. I’ve eaten fresh fish, squid and pippies. I’ve run along the beach for kilometers and spent hours packrafting on Moreton Bay as sea turtles swam under my raft.
 photo IMG_20140603_180156_zpsiukbm2oa.jpg
I’ve watched magnificent sunsets with family and friends who came to visit. And I’ve enjoyed exploring tidal flats that are alive with soldier crabs, kingfishers and pelicans. The local stone bush curlews have kept me company as I ate breakfasts and dinners in the camp kitchen while cheeky crows threatened to open my food bags.
 photo IMG_20140611_133323_zpsodbbaczs.jpg
And I’ve had plenty of chance to slow down to connect with nature as I transition from the life of an office worker to that of a nomad adventurer. It’s been a huge change and I’ve learned a few lessons already in the two months since I walked out of my old front door for the last time. I’ve changed my wardrobe, reduced the number of possessions I own, gotten used to no longer having a private bathroom and adjusted my thinking so that I no longer stress if I don’t know the time.
 photo IMG_20140613_155742_zpsqcu0vtms.jpg
I will be here at Minjerribah and around Brisbane until the end of June when I am taking a short motorbike trip north to visit friends in Central Queensland for one last time before I leave. And then, on 8 July, I am off on a big jet plane to Adelaide where I start my travels proper. I hope to update my blog regularly as I explore the world Looking for 42.


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